Fast Maritime Data Integrations

We empower teams to integrate their maritime data fast and enable AI for decision intelligence.

Fast Integrations

Predictive Data Intelligence

Tailored business analysis

Our Maritime Intelligence Solution

High Risk Vessel AI

A decision - making tool  to help charterers and shipping professionals  gain risk insights on vessels fast

Predictive machine learning algorithm to identify vessel 's risk profile

Data integration using automation scripting and API technology tools

Open source intelligence using environmental, safety, quality and AIS data

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Our Social Project

Maritime SAfety culture

Giving back to the youth by providing a survey tool to shipowners to measure their safety culture onboard and ashore. We support the sailing training program of Proteus.- Eidothea Maritime Education

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How to integrate vessel location and weather data using APIs?

On a previous post, I wrote a tutorial on how to create a web app of ETAs here By using low code development platform, and following the steps on user interface within client code, and server code in the mentioned post, we can integrate maritime data of vessel locations and weather data such…

Shipping Digitalization and Maritime Data

A ship is a dynamic factory system sailing at sea. It produces big data every single minute. Maritime data sources vary from machinery sensors to electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS). The revolution is shipping with technology and shipping digitalization is becoming a reality. Shipping digilitazion is taking shape with initiatives from technical managers,…

Adoption of Data and Analytics

The adoption of Data and Analytics is the fast way forward to stay competent in difficult times. One of the most challenges is the adoption of new tools that are user friendly and have purpose to satisfy the “business need” (more details on business need here from the business analysis viewpoint). The path is the…

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